5 thoughts on “Braves Hall of Famers”

  1. I wonder if Skip will actually beback in town by then? Was he back last night, or still out of town for the family emergency?

  2. According to the story, Skip’s family has told him to go to the ceremony, then he’ll fly back to St. Louis.

  3. After listening to the unlistenable TV and radio guys for other teams I really feel grateful for having 4 announcers as good as Skip, Pete, Don and Joe.

  4. Er, I like these guys as much as the next WTBS watcher, but c’mon. Vin Scully is unlistenable? (I’ll grant you that Rick Monday does fit that description.)

  5. I didnt mean Vin Scully, and I certainly didnt mean ALL the other guys were unlistenable but some are (like the Orioles TV guys the few times I’ve seen em), theyre are certainly plenty of other good announcers out there (I love Harwell for instance, the few times i got to hear him)

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