Atlanta 4 Milwaukee 2 – MLB – Recap

Ben Sheets struck out 13 Braves — last time it was 18 — but this time they got to him enough to score four runs, all on homers. Estrada hit a two-run homer in the fourth to give the Braves a 2-1 lead. After the Brewers tied it up in the sixth, Drew hit a solo shot in the bottom of the inning. Andruw added another solo homer for insurance in the seventh.

Andruw had a big day, going 3-3 with another of the hits a double, but he never got the fourth AB to try for the triple. So the Braves struck out 13 times, and Andruw wasn’t responsible for any! How’d you like them apples? Drew had two hits and scored in front of Estrada, who also had a walk with his homer.

Jaret Wright had some wildness issues — walking five and throwing 115 pitches in seven innings — but was still pretty unhittable, allowing just four hits and striking out six, bringing his ERA below three. Reitsma looked great, striking out two in the eighth. Smoltz gave up a fluke hit but got a DP to finish the game. His 28th save of the season puts him just three behind Garber now.

The Phillies lost, and the Braves’ lead is now seven. Philly Panic Watch: Bowa shuffled his batting order, moving Thome to third and Abreu to cleanup. Didn’t work, they scored only one run… If you care about such things, the Braves now have the fourth-best record in baseball. It doesn’t seem like much, but they had something like the 20th-best two months ago. The Cardinals, who have the best record in baseball, come to town for three starting tomorrow. That game’s on TBS, the Saturday game on Fox, and Sunday Night on ESPN.

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  1. I look at the Dodgers up 6.5 on San Diego and think they are a lock. When I look at the Braves up 7 on Philly and more on Florida and the Mets, I see different scenarios being possible.

    What is a rough estimate for the Braves chances of keeping the division champ streak alive?

    I would put it at about 80-85% right now if I try to think rationally.

    Hell, I’d probably put it that high thinking negatively. Maybe 90% is closer to being accurate.

    It’s hard to picture the Braves not winning the division at this point.

    This year, playoffs are gravy. Whatever happens, happens. Which probably means we win the World Series.

  2. Mac,

    Why don’t you add a “Smoltz Watch” to the site? You could track the 3 saves to the Braves record and the games until the option kicks in. Or an Andruw to the GIDP records watch – I think he’s still on pace to shatter Murphy’s Braves record and I believe, if he’ll just try harder, he’s got a shot at the major league record. Just a thought.


  3. also, as strange as this is to say, if Wright keeps this up, he’s going to be in the cy young discussion.

  4. As N. Young might say… “tonight’s the night”

    Headed to the stadium tonight. Got the whole front row of sect 239 with 9 friends! I’m going to have a hard time concentrating at work today.

    I’m as close to play-off excited as I can be. I can’t wait to see this St. Louis team. I can’t wait to see these Braves in their biggest challenge since the resurgence began.

    The sports talk shows in ATL are blowing up with excitement. Turner field is going to be rocking before the first pitch tonight.

    Oh, and as an added bonus 78 degrees at game time dropping to 72 or so.

  5. also, as strange as this is to say, if Wright keeps this up, he’s going to be in the cy young discussion.

    He might get in the discussion, but unless Jason Schmidt gets hit by a cable car, he looks like the guy.

    Wright should start making shelf space for the Comeback Player of the Year award though.

    Just happened to catch Jaret’s father Clyde on the Angels pregame radio show yesterday – he’s a former 22 game winner for the Angels – and they talked a little bit about Jaret’s revival. Clyde said he was glad Jaret had overcome his injury problems because “He wasn’t much fun to be around when he was rehabbing”.

    Gee, thanks Dad!

  6. the game should be awesome tonight.. it will be interesting to see how many people show up and scream there lungs out… paul byrd has had some problems in his last 2 starts.. hopefuly braves fans will like him tonight and not be wishing for him to soar to hell… oh yeah.. JD Drew.. NL MVP.

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