Stupid Fox (UPDATED)

Now it isn’t a Fox game and has been moved to 10 o’clock ET. I swear, my local listings say that the Braves are on Fox and the schedules — I looked yesterday — have the game in the 4 o’clock window.

UPDATE: Commenters say that the game is indeed a Fox late game and will start soon, that lineups will be posted. My cable guide says the same thing. Good.

3 thoughts on “Stupid Fox (UPDATED)”

  1. My digital cable says the game is on Fox @ 4:00 (eastern). But the My ESPN thingy says it’s @ 10:00, but also on Fox. And says 4:00, but doesn’t give a station. says 4:00 on Fox. Umm Where else can I look.. Oh the Braves site on and CNNsi. say 4:00 on Fox, so it looks like that’s the most likely.

    I’d think would be the most reliable. There would usually be more notice than one day, right? Pete and Don didn’t mention anything last night.

  2. This news almost threw my entire day’s schedule into a state of chaos. It appears, however, that the game is a 1pm Pacific time start. Lineups have been posted. I can now avoid grass cutting until later. Whew.

  3. So, if we keep this up and make it into the post season, the rotation is Ortiz, Wright, and BYRD?! Insanity. He’s the third best starter. Thank you Paul for not walking anyone.

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