12 thoughts on “See you tomorrow morning”

  1. Ok, I don’t know what I missed, but where’s JD?

    I don’t think the announcers said where he was, but I could be wrong. Anyone know anything?

  2. Apparently he hurt his wrist in Sunday’s game, but is available to pinch-hit and should be back in the lineup tomorrow.

  3. OK I’m sick of hearing Braves aqnnouncers token complaints about the hill in center field at MinuteMaid. If the hill wasn’t there it’d be a wall. There’s standard warning track before the hill and it’s just a little quirk, not a pit filled with sharks with laser beams on their heads.

  4. My understanding is that he tweaked his wrist swinging (either on Sunday or in batting practice) and is expected back tomorrow. I figure, why take a chance, especially with Clemens (who throws both hard and inside) on the mound?

    Okay, now I’m gone.

  5. Ok, it’s good to hear that its a minor thing.

    I was worried that his body finally realized it was August and he hadn’t missed substantial time.

  6. End of the fifth, Ortiz wiggles out of another tough spot.

    He’s really walking a thin line tonight, but so far so good.

  7. I think Luke Wilson would do a better job w/ the strike zone from his seat than this umpire. Well, at least he’s stinking it up for both teams.

  8. The Braves are hanging in there at this writing, but one thing remains painfully clear. We cannot go into the playoffs with Adam LaRoche as our first baseman. He simply cannot hit, and will be exposed by tough playoff-caliber pitching.

    Observers smarter than me are saying that there may be fewer waiver claims this year than in years past, making a post-deadline deal more likely. I looked into LH 1B’s a while ago, and most of them are now either spoken for or reticent to leave comfortable environs. The one exception I can think of is Tino Martinez….

  9. Hm… Can Julio/Marrero cut it at first? LaRoche seems to be a not quite ready for prime-time player. Also, I am allowed to start hating Reitsma again?

  10. I thought Olerud would be worth a try at 1B, but he didn’t want to come east. Well, unless it was for the Yankees. Sometimes I’m surprised at how much players want to play for the Yanks.

  11. It’s amazing how one at-bat can leave such an impression. That last contest versus Miceli was just awful. It was the antithesis of Julio’s at-bat against Farnsworth. Adam’s OBP is now under .300 again…a platooned .300. He’s only had to bat against lefties 8 times this year. I’m not sure what Schuerholz can do at this point, but it looks like the Braves are stuck if he wants to have another left-handed bat. The only possibility I see is calling up Langerhans, and using Marrero to split time between first and left. I doubt this is something JS wants to do for many reasons.

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