Trades Trades Trades! – MLB – Trade roundup: Mets get Benson and Zambrano

Kristin was worth a third baseman (actually, two) and a pitching prospect. However, that turned out to be Ty Wigginton, Jose Bautista (from the Royals) and Matt Peterson. Peterson is a prospect, but not in Capellan’s class, in my opinion. Wigginton is a joke player; Bautista was a Rule 5 pick the Pirates lost last season.

I like the pickup of Victor Zambrano better for the Mets. He has control problems, but I think they can be fixed, and they’ve got a good pitching coach. He may not help them this year, but I bet he’s their top starter 12 months from now. But they gave up Scott Kazmir to get him. What is it with the Mets, anyway?

A bigger trade, in my opinion: – MLB – Dodgers acquire Penny, Choi from Marlins

Jeepers. Brad Penny and Hee Seop Choi, plus pitching prospect Bill Murphy — at least one of whom is likely on his way to Arizona — for Guillermo Mota, Paul Lo Duca, and Juan Encarnacion. I have no idea why the Marlins would want Encarnacion back, but I assume he’ll play outfield with Conine shifting back to first.

I don’t like this deal for the Marlins. Lo Duca’s a good player, but he tends to wear down as the season goes on. Encarnacion sucks. Mota is a heck of a pitcher, and should solve their setup difficulties, but giving up Penny and Choi and a prospect for that? I wouldn’t do it.

Jim Bowden — who makes things up from time to time, as you’ll recall from his days with the Reds (the Braves were going to trade Millwood for Hal Morris, remember that) — says that the Dodgers got Charles Johnson to replace Lo Duca. That’s a downgrade… But whether they get Johnson or not the Dodgers just helped themselves. If they do get Johnson, they’re the favorites. God, not Yankees-Dodgers again. I hated the late seventies the first time.

Also, the Phillies lost again (Boom-Boom Bobby was a major culprit) and are four back. And Larry Bowa’s still employed!

2 thoughts on “Trades Trades Trades!”

  1. That sound you heard was thousands of Mets fans screaming in horror that they traded Kazmir for the wrong Zambrano. Z is 28 this year and has never had any control (96 BB in 128 IP this year!). He’s past the point where he’s just a young guy who needs some guidence. The Benson deal is ok for Mets fans I guess. I don’t understand why the Phillies weren’t in on either of these guys. They desperately need some starting pitching.

    The Dodgers, of course, killed the Marlins in the other trade. I guess the Marlins just couldn’t take any more of Billy Koch or the sucking black hole of despare behind the plate. Throwing Penny, Choi, and a prospect at the problem was a bit desperate though. For a good idea of how stupid the media is, I’m in LA and every – every – sports radio guy absolutely hates the deal from LAs prospective. “But LoDuca is the heart and soul of this team!” “Why do you break up a first place team!” etc.

  2. To follow up, it turns out the Mets also sent their catcher of the future, Justin Huber, to the Royals in the Benson deal. This is, of course, insane with Piazza nearly done and Phillips being exposed as a fraud. This is truly going to go down as the darkest of days for Mets fans. If your the kind of person who enjoys seeing Mets fans in pain, head over to baseballprimer. Those guys are looking for the nearest cliff to jump off of.

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