Here’s what I don’t get

People (not here, at least not yet) are now running around saying that the Braves have to do something because the Marlins and Mets did. Get a grip, people. The Mets upgraded their starting pitching, sure, but the Mets’ starters have been pretty good. Their biggest problem has been middle relief, unaddressed by this, followed by an offense that can charitably be described as mediocre, also weakened.

Meanwhile, the Marlins traded away perhaps their most reliable starting pitcher, their starting first baseman, and a prospect, for two overrated players, one of whom has a .680 OPS after the break over the last three years and the other of whom just plain sucks, and a very good middle reliever. I don’t see how that adds up to an upgrade, I really don’t.

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  1. I’m not too worried about the Mets’ recent acquisitions for the reasons Mac cited and because the Mets, despite their deep pockets, haven’t really made their trades pay off for them. Call it “chemistry,” what have you, but whenever they’ve acquired big-name players in the past (remember Mo Vaughn?), these players, injuries aside, have failed to mesh with the team’s core, which, in my opinion, hasn’t been too stable. These are the “intangibles” that a team’s success depends upon. The Mets just don’t have what it takes to contend this year.

  2. I don’t understand the Dodgers moves. LoDuca is in many ways the heart and soul of that team. People out here on the Left coast–at least Dodger fans–are baffled by the move. I guess we’ll have to see how it pans out, but right now it is a bit confounding to say the least.

  3. Spot on Mac. If the Phils had upgraded their pen or rotation, that would’ve smarted more than the Mets. The Marlins got absolutely hosed.

    Completely unrelated, but ESPN’s online game coverage reported on Andruw’s important milestone. His 1200th hit. Trivial or subtly important?

  4. Phillies just upgraded their bully: FRod from the Giants. Actually, I think the biggest upgrade the Phils could make would be at the managerial position.

  5. I want to say that I agree with Mac.

    I like the trades from the Braves prosectives today. (Well the F-rod to the Phillies stings a little; anything that might take innings away from our old friend Boom Boom can’t be good)

    But I don’t see how the Mets improved much at all. Like Mac said, their starting pitching hasn’t been their problem. (And the Mets fans over at are devastated over the Zambrono trade, or should I call it the Kazmir trade?)

    And the Marlins only made themselves worse too. Penny and Choi are both very good playes, while Encarnation only has a job because he’s a “proven run producer.” (He’s similar to Tony Batista in that respect) And Lo Duca, while an above average hitter for a catcher, alway fades big in the second half. Mota is a good reliever, and especially helps them if Benitez is hurt.

    I think neither team especially helped themselves today. The Mets could have traded away a big part of their future, and the Marlins lost their one of their most consistant pitchers, and everyday first baseman for the outfielder they let go last year, a decent catcher, and a good middle reliever.

    So, erm yeah. I’m not worried.

  6. I just realized that my last paragraph in my last post was almost an exact copy of Mac’s post. I apologize, It wasn’t my intention to rip you off Mac; I guess your post imprinted itself deeper in my head than I first thought. ;)

    Oh and I just thought of something.

    The Mets have Benson and Glavine now. It’s gonna be weird to see the look a-likes in the same uniform. (And if Benson pitches tomorrow, that would be three starts in a row for him against the Braves, and Glavine goes on Sunday.. weird)

  7. The Marlins are freaking nuts to make this trade. They obviously needed an upgrade at catcher (boy, has Castro been a bust) and in the bullpen, but are they serious that Jeff Conine will be their 1B? They’re being fooled by a couple of productive weeks.

    Hee Seop Choi was a positive contributor, and Brad Penny’s career arc is beginning to remind me of Schmidt or Schilling. Encarnacion could be any of two dozen AAA outfielders….

  8. Well, remember folks, there are still about 5 hours left until the trade deadline, so anything can yet happen.

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