Atlanta 4 NY Mets 3 – MLB – MLB RECAP

This was not a game you’ll ever see on ESPN Classic, but the result was fine, as the Braves held on to first place. Hampton was his usual frustrating self but managed to hold them to three runs, and the Braves got just enough offense to make them pay.

The game story is blaming “Mets errors” for the loss, but both of the errors were well hit and could easily have been called hits, while the Braves made two really bad errors, like losing a pop fly in the sun and having a ball fall out of your glove. It’s just that Hampton and Smoltz pitched around those.

It’s my theory that Steve Trachsel, the losing pitcher, is a deep-cover agent for the NBA on assignment to destroy Major League Baseball. Baseball is not boring, unless Trachsel is involved, but he sucks all the joy out of the game by seemingly taking 20 minutes between pitches. (I exaggerate. It can’t be more than ten.) I call him Steve Paxil because he makes me want to take antidepressants. Between his usual time dilation routine and Hampton’s usual high-pitch outing, the first five innings of the game took about two hours, two hours that seemed to stretch into infinity. Once the bullpens got involved it wasn’t so bad.

Chipper had two hits and reached on one of those “errors”. Andruw had a hit and an RBI and walked twice. Drew extended his hitting streak with a seventh-inning solo homer, insurance at the time which the Braves turned out to need. Smoltz got his 20th save, the 130th of his career. He needs 12 to pass Gene Garber now.

The Phillies won after losing a no-hitter and a shutout in the ninth, staying a half game back. The Marlins lost again and are 4 1/2 out, the Mets 5 out. A four-game series is scheduled at Pittsburgh coming up. The Phillies face the Marlins for four, while the Mets play the Expos. I would say that the Marlins and Mets are on the verge of falling out of the race, but I never count out the Marlins after last year.

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  1. I’m liking the upcoming matchups… if we can take care of our business, the Marlins usually take care of the Phillies

  2. I’m not sure the Marlins will take care of the Phils, the way they’re playing. I am curious to see if Bowa’s fiery style helps his team more in a rallying mode than it did a holding-first-place mode.

  3. Steve Paxil, that is hilarious. Now I’m kinda glad that I missed the game. Watching a Mets half inning with that guy pitching can be frustrating. I love being in first place. I’d sure like for us to go on a run and get some separation from the Phils. They are still under performing and if they ever get there stuff together I’m not sure if we could hold them off.

    Too bad that Olerud doesn’t want to play anymore. Since he has been released the team that picks him up is only responsible for the pro rated portion of the minimum.

    I haven’t heard any more rumors about any impending Braves trades. Has anyone else?

  4. Giving up McGwire homer was an accident. He meant to walk him on six pitches.

  5. The Phils haven’t beat the Marlins yet this year, but the way the Marlins are playing, that will come to an end pretty quick.

    I wonder which Pirate team we’ll see. The real team, that’s still not very good, or the team they can be with a little better coaching. Look at the talent of that team, most of it young. They have guys stepping up every day. Tike Redman has been on fire over the past week, and Benson is pitching like he’s auditioning for another team (which he is). If the Pirates want to trade Benson, they should get some more pitching prospects. Their offense looks like it is just about set.

  6. I think the marlins, when you take the marlins and mets are done. The marlins according to pythagorean standings are +1 as opposed to the mets (and the braves at that) -3 of course that stands if they continue to play so bad

    and i thikn thats the thing.. they are playing really bad. But so were the braves towards the begining of the season

    If I had to pick one to stay in the race it would be the mets. Because they’ve played well.. and have seemed to have our number throughout the year.

  7. The Marlins seem to be handling the Phillies — again — pretty well. I tell you, don’t count that team out. I learned my lesson last year.

  8. Well, the only team the Marlins can beat is the Phils right now, but they are also facing “Give me my freedom from Philadelphia” Millwod.

  9. Oh c’mon bwarrend, just go all the way. Go ahead and call him Elton “Philadelphia Freedom” Millwood, we won’t mind.

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