I love the Pirates

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They’re delightfully insane. They won’t give up Kris Benson for anything less than top prospects, even though Benson (despite what happened earlier this week) isn’t very good. But now they’re topping themselves:

The Pirates aren’t just trying to wangle a big payoff on Kris Benson. They’re being almost as demanding for their 38-year-old closer, Jose Mesa.

The Cubs, Cardinals, Giants, A’s, Yankees and Braves (among others) have all inquired about Mesa. But Pirates GM Dave Littlefield has been telling them that Mesa works cheap ($800,000, plus another $465,000 in reachable incentives). And that the Pirates have no other prospective closers on the roster. And that they might just keep him and try to finish with a winning record.

So it’s possible the Pirates won’t trade Mesa this month at all. They’re thinking about hanging onto him for a while to see how they play over the next few weeks. Then they’d mull pushing him through waivers and trading him in August.

“If this guy were making $4 million-$5 million, they’d be ready to trade him tomorrow,” said an official of one club. “But at under $1 million, they feel like there’s no pressure to do it unless it’s a hell of a deal.”

I wouldn’t take Joe Table if you paid me. If they’re really going around insisting on top prospects for a poor man’s Roberto Hernandez, they’re even more delusional than I thought.

Anyway, the Braves are more interested in a lefty, as they should be. Stark says that they’re trying to talk Graeme Lloyd out of retirement, if you can imagine. They really are desperate.


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Good thing we didn’t make that deal, huh?

3 thoughts on “I love the Pirates”

  1. Well that was a scarey bottom of the first. Hopefully Thomson can settle down now.

  2. I love the Mets. They have a bullpen that’s as bad as the Phillies.

    Everyone in the Braves’ lineup with an AB had at least one hit. Furcal had 2. His BA is up to .278, which is the highest it’s been all year.

    The other good thingabout the rainout the is that Wright gets to pitch at night on Monday instead of tomorrow afternoon. He has the best ERA in night games in the majors this year.

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