Pittsburgh 4 Atlanta 3


Tike Redman?!? Tike Redman?!?!?!?!?

Redman hit a two-run homer in the sixth, having already driven in a run in the first. The Braves, trailing 2-1 at the time, found themselves down 4-1 and couldn’t make it back.

The Braves didn’t have a hit between the first and the eighth; you won’t win many that way. The 4-8 spots in the order combined for one hit, by Andruw; you won’t win many that way, either. In the eighth, they got a run in and had two on, two out, but Marcus once again swung at a 3-1 pitch to hit a weak grounder. Obviously, we don’t know what would have happened next… But Drew hit a homer leading off the ninth.

After Byrd left the game following the sixth, Juan Cruz entered. He pitched two innings, allowing two hits and no runs. Gosh, we couldn’t have used that last night. Alfonseca made up somewhat for his role in the debacle with a perfect ninth, but too little too late.

The Phillies are winning late against the Marlins; the Mets are tied with the Expos… Ortiz pitches tomorrow. If ever we needed him to be a stopper…

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  1. Wouldn’t you know it? We have to face Benson when he’s auditioning to go play for a contender. Give him all the credit, he pitched a very good game.

  2. A funny part of the game for me was in the later innings. The screen showed a closeup of Benson’s face. Just as I was thinking to myself, “Wow, he really looks like Glavine,” Paciorek (I think) pipes up to that effect, calling him a “right-handed Tom Glavine.” I think he induced about 15 popups that were or could easily have been outs from us.

  3. Giles’ hitting in these crucial situations absolutely puzzles me. First, he swings at that 3-1 fastball from Billy Wagner that was quite likely ball four, with the bases loaded in extra innings. Then last night, he swings at a 3-1 pitch that can’t have been more than three inches above the ground, with two outs in the 8th inning where a walk would have loaded the bases for our hottest hitter. I love Giles, but I just don’t get it. I understand that he’s trying to make up for lost time, but he should realize that he doesn’t help the team a lot by grounding out in that situation.

  4. You’re right about the score. The weird thing is that I lifted it directly from the initial game report. That’s no excuse, because I should have caught it.

  5. I don’t know if anyone else here was at the game last night but the vibe in the stadium was the closest it’s been to the early 90’s in a long time. Going into the bottom of the 9th they showed a video montage from 1999 of the Braves trailing the Pirates 3-1 in the 9th which we eventually won. The crowd was finally really into the game. Monday’s game had the same feel. I think the local fans may be finally snapping out of the stupor they’ve been in. Heck, even the wave seems to be having less success at games (last night there were a few attempts at starting a wave. All failed miserably). Even though we lost last night I came away with a good feeling about fan support.

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