Montreal 5 Atlanta 1 – MLB – MLB RECAP

Well, that wasn’t very good. The Braves couldn’t get on track offensively early and Paul Byrd took a loss he perhaps didn’t deserve. (He went six, allowed three runs on only five hits, didn’t walk anyone and struck out four.) Any chance of a comeback vanished when Reitsma — again! — came in to give up a couple of runs and turn a manageable deficit into a four run hole. McConnell and Cruz also pitched, and well.

Charles Thomas had another good day, going 2-3 with a walk, scored the Braves’ only run, and is now hitting .385. I’m sure he’s not really this good, and I’m still not certain he’s actually good at all, but let’s enjoy the ride while it lasts. Drew had a couple of hits as well, but the rest of the team had only two hits among them. The Braves did have six walks, leading to lots of stranded baserunners.

The Phillies won, so things reset to the status quo at the break. Russ Ortiz pitches tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “Montreal 5 Atlanta 1”

  1. I’ve seen enough of Reitsma now. And how does Furcal hit into a dp with the bases loaded, third to second to first? That was a big moment down only 3-1

  2. I’d like Furcal to seek some advanced training from somebody liked Joe Morgan. While talented and capable, Furcal just doesn’t do enough things to help the Braves win. I can’t find his OBP, but his batting average is .267. I have every confidence that if he gets to 2b, Giles or Drew will get him in.
    I’m not piling on, but 0 for 5 and hitting into a bases-loaded double play with his speed just won’t get it done. The Braves margin of excellence is too thin this year.

  3. Something I would do if I had all the time in the world is go through the Braves’ losses and break down who bears the greatest responsibility for each. Furcal stands out for yesterday. Or maybe just find the guys who have that sort of game — 0-4 or 0-5 with no walks.

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