What a dump

No, not really. But the design of this stadium is completely wrong. Great big foul territory, tiny outfield. In other words, great if you want to watch “sabermetric” baseball (lots of homers, walks, and people standing around in between) but personally it bores me.

4 thoughts on “What a dump”

  1. Ah yes…what a pathetic defeat. I know it’s only one game, but that felt like the best chance we had of gaining ground on the Phillies.

    Last I checked, it was 6-3 Mets over the Marlins late in the game. PLEASE, I don’t want it between the Mets and Phillies at the end.

  2. Seems to me that a big foul territory would cut walks (and strikeouts, probably) by shortening at-bats. Balls that would get out of play now stay in and get caught.

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