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Why would the Cardinals trade Matt Morris and Steve Kline for Kevin Millwood and Placido Polanco? I’m sure there’s some reason for the rumor, but it doesn’t make sense to me. Haven’t they seen Millwood pitch recently?

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  1. Even more mystifying: Sean Casey’s replacement in the All Star game will be Paul LoDuca. I could understand Abreu getting a shot after all these years, but give me a break — LoDuca? Over J.D. Drew? Is McKeon just just holding a grudge because we keep kicking their tails?

  2. The entire All-Star selection process seems to be targeted towards not picking Drew. Either (a) he’s even more unpopular than I thought, or (b) he’s privately communicated that he doesn’t want a spot. I mean, Juan Pierre gets into the final vote and Drew doesn’t?

  3. Morris has lost his stuff and has been surviving on luck and defense. Dave Duncan might be able to fix Millwood. The Cardinals need a 2B.

    I don’t think it will happen, but it’s not quite as insane as its sounds.

  4. I don’t know if anyone is complaining about Drew not making the team, but I just assume have all of our guys take the 3 days off and relax as opposed to spending 3 days travelling and sweating in the Texas heat. Additionally, an all-star appearance would give Boras more fuel to raise the numbers in JD’s next contract – not that we will be able to afford him anyway.

  5. The entire All-Star selection process seems to be targeted towards not picking Drew.

    As fragile as he is, it’s really for the best. I advocate keeping Drew in a bubble for the three days off. We’ve really been lucky to get as much out of him as we have. Let’s not press our luck and have him play in a meaningless exhibition. I also wouldn’t mind if Estrada tweaked a little something in the ninth inning on Sunday so he could stay home and rest. He’s going to be leaned on heavily in the second half.

    I agree with Andy that this proposed trade sounds pretty good for the Cards. Morris’s arm could go at any time and as it is he’s not the dominator he was. Bringing in Polanco would get them out of playing Tony F Womack everyday. I like it.

  6. Back to the trade – LaRussa just loves Polanco, and like Andy said above, Dave Duncan feels like he can fix any pitcher suffering mechanical issues (which is what’s going on with Millwood, for the most part). So, the trade makes good sense for the Cards.

    And, the Phillies open up a spot to play Utley, and gave a serviceable middle reliever (although a nut-job). So, the trade makes a lot more sense than a lot I’ve seen. Doesn’t mean it’s going to happen though. :-)

    I think Finley would have been a much more likely choice for replacement over Drew, for what’s it worth. And I agree, as fragile as he is, he doesn’t need to playing an extra game.

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