Throwing this out there (UPDATED)

The Red Sox, and their fans, seem to have turned on Nomar Garciaparra. Word is that he’s on the block, and that he might not even finish the upcoming series in a Red Sox uniform.

Given that the Braves are looking to cut future salary but might take on a little more this year…




I’m just speculating, I have no reason to think this could happen. But it makes sense. Garciaparra is a free agent after the season, he has Atlanta connections, of course, and he’s a righthanded power bat.

UPDATE: I was wondering who would lead off. Marcus, when he gets back, I guess. Or Thomas/Marrero could.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Bill Shanks is claiming that someone in the Braves organization mentioned Nomar for Furcal and Ortiz as a possibility to him. Either this is a real rumor that I somehow picked up out of the ether, or we’re making up the same thing. Your call. It makes a good deal of sense, anyway.

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  1. I’d do it in a heartbeat. I think Nomar’s going to feel like he’s got something to prove. Although that routine he goes throught while batting will drive Skip, Pete, and the guys crazy!

  2. Well, let’s see. Their OPS+ last year was Furcal 109, Garciaparra 121. So far so good for the Braves. But Nomar (30) is five years older than Furcal (25), that’s not so good. Their OPS this year is Furcal 726, Nomar 656, so that’s not so good. But I guess if Boston throws some money and a prospect from their barren system in the deal it might be ok for Braves fans.

    Oh, and it looks like the Braves are throwing in their best starting pitcher too. That would be pretty generous of JS.

  3. My guess is he would supplant Furcal in the leadoff spot. Not that he would be the best choice to lead off, but Cox is cognizant (sometimes overly so, IMO) of the delicate sensibilities of his veterans, so the easiest way around that is to bat him where Furcal batted.

    Not that I think the trade would be made, nor would I want it to, for the reasons set forth by nyb.

  4. You want to give up starting pitching? Ortiz hasn’t had a good year so far but he’s still a quality pitcher and you’re not talking about getting anybody to replace him. I love Nomar but he’s not a lot better than Furcal, better, but both are all stars. It just seems like trading equals plus creating a hole in the rotation.

  5. We could see if they could send us Kevin Youkillis. That would be nice, and after this season, he could be a nice low-power, high-OBP left fielder. I was going to say first baseman, but our biggest hole, unless you count Thomas’ and Marrero’s sample sizes, is left field, and Chipper will probably be at first after this year. This would be a nice lineup

    Franco/LaRoche/Thomas/Marreo(depending on where they play Chipper)

    That would be a bad ass lineup. I know we lose a good starting pitcher, but with that lineup and some league average pitcher we could trade for rounding out the rotation, we could have a serious shot.

  6. True, he’ll never get him from Epstein. Who would Oakland give us? I don’t think they like Youkillis enough to give Crosby or Chavez, not that we could afford Chavez anyway.

  7. Sounds like somebody’s been smokin’ crack. Nomar is not a cleanup hitter. He’s a #3, which we currently have in abundance. He had 56 HRs from 2001-2003. If we’re gonna get someone, let’s get Ortiz (David). At least he would be a legit cleanup hitter.

    Another great game tonight. Nick Green may have just played himself into the lineup after Giles gets back. But where to put him? Who would have thought the Braves would have had this dilemma a month ago? I think Chipper better start working out at 1st some more.

  8. Can’t trade Ortiz; who’s going to pitch? Nomar is at his best a much better player than Furcal but he is older, injury prone and his attitude doesn’t appeal to me. (Of course, at least we would get to see Mia Hamm.) The problem is there are so many teams in contention there’s not much out there. As for David Ortiz, yes, I think he would fit in fine, but he’s an MVP candidate. I don’t think the Red Sox are going to trade him.

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