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We seem to be delayed… Okay, I got the Neyer/James Guide To Pitchers today. Here’s something I didn’t know before I read it: Who is the winningest pitcher in Pittsburgh Pirates history? Can you answer without looking it up?

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  1. Hmmm, don’t tell me it’s Zane Smith or Bob Walk. I only mention in case this is like the AFLAC question, which always seems to be related to the game or team at hand.

  2. No. (Though actually this player ended his career with the Tigers.) If you don’t know, you will almost certainly never guess. I certainly wouldn’t have.

  3. Jeez, can’t we just play a DH tomorrow?

    Anyway, I looked up the answer, and how is anybody supposed to know THAT?

  4. No, not Tekulve. And Steffen, I actually agree. I will be stunned if anyone knows this without looking it up. And it lacks the humor of, say, the Mets’ all-time hits leader. (I figure some of you know that one.)

  5. By the way, nobody would guess the Tigers’ all-time wins leader either. Not Morris, not Trout, not Newhouser, not Lolich, but Hooks Dauss. Though their list of leaders isn’t as pathetic as the Pirates’. The Pirates’ all-time leader is actually probably their best starting pitcher ever for career value. Maybe Drabek has him beat for peak.

  6. LoL…Mr. Kranepool actually is the Mets’ all-time leader in quite a few categories. He of the 97 OPS+

  7. I’d have an easier time trying to guess the number of times Dave Parker played in a game while under the influence.

  8. A couple of years ago I endeavored to identify the five best Pirates starters of all time, and I was shocked to find how few there were. I can’t remember who all made the list, but I think Candelaria made it, and a couple of guys from the 1900-10’s, along with Bob Friend, who had a losing lifetime record. I’ll guess him.

  9. Friend is a good guess. He’s fourth, but only 11 behind the leader. You’re on the right track, I think. If I had really thought about it, I might have guessed “Babe Adams”, who is tied for second.

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