3 thoughts on “I call BS”

  1. I met the man who would become my father-in-law in September of 1994. In that first comversation, he made a point to mention the 1991 World Series, referring to it as “that time we kicked the Braves’ [behinds]”. He referred to that series, with those words, in every conversation I had with him until the day after the Falcons “kicked the Vikings’ [behinds]” in the NFC Championship game. He hasn’t mentioned the 1991 World Series since.

    This is why I must actively root against both the Vikings and the Twins forever and ever.

    Also, the Page 2 article is wrong about one point. Anderson missed the field goal with just over two minutes left, not six.

  2. Angus, I am a lifelong Minnesotan and I don’t care much for the Twins and I cannont stand the Vikes. I will help where I can.

  3. I don’t really have anything against the Twins (although I couldn’t stand Kent Hrbek, and got to laugh at Puckett’s troubles after hearing so many of my friends comparing him to Murph in the “good guy” category), so my motivation is solely to not have to hear about it if they win.

    The Vikings are a different story. Moss is a joke. He’s worshipped as a hero around here. He’s selfish, overpaid and under-disciplined. But even running over a traffic cop gets brushed aside.

    Also, I had an irrational fear the Dennis Green would somehow end up with the Falcons job. Had that happened, I would seriously have considered becoming a Packers fan.

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