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  1. You know it is curious that Otis has a bodyguard. He’s so ugly, you would think that nobody would want to get near him.

  2. Otis Nixon and the Zombie Michael Jackson from Thriller Video.

    Separated at birth?

    I still miss him!!

  3. I don’t care what he does, I’ll never forget that play when he jumped and caught that ball over the wall. From that day on, whenever a player would hit a ball to the wall and Nixon went up for it, the player would stop running to see if Nixon caught it.

  4. Moreover, as someone pointed out on Primer today, Ugly Otis is married to once-popular R&B singer Pebbles, who is still pretty hot looking. At least hot for a woman who would allow someone as ugly as Otis to ride in her Mercedes, boy.

  5. Sorry but this has nothing to do w/ this. Has anyone else heard the rumor that would send the Reds H. Ramirez and A. Pratt in return for A. Dunn and Ryan Wagner? Is there any truth to this?

  6. True story from circa 1992:

    I’m watching the Braves on TBS and my then 13-year-old brother walks in. He likes baseball, but doesn’t follow it to any degree (i.e., he knows the star players, but is just as likely as not to randomly ask “You think the Mariners will finally win it with Griffey this year?”).

    Anyway, my brother sees Nixon at the plate and says: “Who’s that guy? He looks like a black Freddie Krueger.”

    True that.

  7. Mystery science theatre 3000 (MST3K) has even made reference to Otis Nixon’s hiddeous features. ASking if a monster that had a decomposed face was otis nixon. At any rate, I still miss him too.

  8. I already mentioned this over at Primer, but speaking of ugly ex-ballplayers … I saw today where UL Washington got a job as minor league infield coordinator for the Red Sox…

    Lesson #1: How to turn a double play without choking on your toothpick

  9. I think one of the MST crew may have been a Braves fan. I clearly remember Crow wearing a Braves mesh cap on one occasion.

    Aaron, I haven’t heard that rumor but it sounds like typical Cincinnati rumormongering to me — every year, there’s some deal that makes no sense comes out of Cincy involving them and the Braves. The Braves have no spot for Dunn (unless Chipper moves back to third) and swapping Wagner and Pratt would be a plain goofy challenge trade.

  10. Any thoughts about where Greg Maddux might go. Wells signing in San Deigo makes it less likely that he would go there. Maybe the Yankees??? they seem to get everybody else.

  11. Anaheim doesn’t have the money now that they signed Vlad and the Yanks need a lefty, not another righty in their rotation. I would say, perhaps the Cubs might want him back to help them compete with the Astros. If Clemens decides to stay in retirement, Houston may try to land him. With Juan gone, Texas may have the resources try for him. The Marlins have been rumored in trying to land him and without Vlad to go for they may emerge as a potential Maddux home. One thing is for certain, Maddux will stay a free agent until Boras gets more reasonable with his demands.

  12. Hey Mac,

    I’ve tried to get ahold of you, but to no avail. I went ahead with the layout changes, these are very stable after some testing with NoPepper and the newcomer BravesBuzz. If there are any changes needed, you can post after this one (or we can try the email route again, try merv1 -at- bravesbeat.com).

    The links at the top of the main page do not work, but I will fill these in when I get these done on the front page. Hope you like the new layout!


  13. NO comment about Otis, just a thumbs up with the new look, it is much cleaner and easier to read. Keep up the good work Mac!

  14. Merv,

    I like the changed format.


    Dunn has played a lot of 1B and many scouting reports suggest that is his long term destination. While I like LaLob, Jr. I would rather have Adam Dunn, with his power and plate discipline at 1B for the next decade. Of course I put about .00001% likelihood of Schuerholz trading for a low average young player who relies on walks.


    Baltimore, having been shut out of the Vlad sweepstakes, looks to be making a move for Maddux. A reunion with Lopez would be hillarious.

  15. “bodyguard” = “personal pharmacist or pharmaceutical rep./ traveling salesman/ Dr. Feelgood/ independent-self employed business man/ inside sales/ medication aide/ and personal assistant” to Mr. Nixon.
    If you read the article it says that Kevin Brown was asking Otis for the money that he owes him. This obviously hit a nerve and prompted Otis is grab a knife PRONTO!

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