Take that, Peter Gammons

SI.com – Baseball – Ponson finally beats Yanks for AL-tying 14th victory – Thursday July 24, 2003 04:04 PM

Working as Angelos’ spin doctor or something, Gammons has been going around saying Ponson — whom I expect will make his next start as a Brave — is a fourth or fifth starter and pointing out his poor record against the Yankees and Red Sox. So much for that. I’ve come around on Ponson somewhat. I’m still worried about his shoulder, but he’s clearly an upgrade on Hampton and the Braves could really use another good starter in postseason.

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  1. Ponson has been pitching in the 3 or 4 spot most of the year. Also do we really need him? I mean in the playoffs we go to 3 man roation anyway. Unless you honestly think hes better then Ramirez. Id rather get a arm in the pen and a bat off the bench.

  2. It’s hard to make an argument that he’s not significantly better than Ramirez (or Hampton, who would more likely be the #3). Better ERA (in the DH league), more strikeouts, better record, the same number of walks despite pitching 40 more innings… By every standard he’s been better this year.

    Bobby has usually went with a 3-man in the first round, but to a 4-man in the LCS if they get there, followed by a choice between the two.

  3. As for him pitching in the “third spot”, at this stage of the season that’s meaningless. I mean, come on, he just beat Roger Clemens. And it’s not like the lineups change when the starter does, and the guy is 13th in the league in ERA.

  4. I say bring Ponson on. Maybe Schuerholz and Wren can work a big multi-player deal and get the O’s to throw in Buddy Groom and Luis Matos (or better yet, Melvin Mora, but that wouldn’t happen).

  5. A Ponson deal would be very good for Atlanta. I just want Cox to use a four man rotation throughout the postseason. I’ve heard a theory that if you pitch a finesse pitcher such as Maddux on three days’ rest, then he’s going to be roughed up because the hitters will have already adjusted to him. I’m not sure how Ortiz, Hampton, or Ramirez/Ponson will do on three days’ rest. I’d hate to see Cox take that chance again.

  6. Ponson, ugh. Stay away; isn’t his shoulder a ticking time bomb? Remeber Paul Byrd…….

  7. Heavy-set 26 year old who has been worked hard and has a history of arm problems? Pitching waaay above his career norms, which are very pedestrian (4.74 ERA more than a hit per inning entering this season). And while he’s pitched well this year, that W/L record is certainly helped by being in the top 10 in the AL in run support.

    A fine addition, but not if the cost is significant. If we give up more than the ChiSox did for Colon, or for that matter than the Phils did for Millwood, its a bad deal.

  8. Has anyone considered Kelvim Escobar? He’s been starting in Toronto, but has been a closer. Admittedly, he did not flourish in the bullpen his year, but there is talk that he has been able to strenghten his arm starting and has pitched reasonably well in this role. Ideally I’d like to get him cheaply plus another bullpen arm, make Escobar the set-up guy and be able to move him to the rotation if Ramirez’s arm falls off. Horacio did pitch ball this past winter, much like Padilla last year who fell apart in the second half.

  9. Escobar wouldn’t be a bad pickup, but I’ve heard he’s ticketed for Oakland, as Billy Beane and J.P. Ricciardi seem content to flip players back and forth a few times a year.

  10. What’s his free agency status? Would he be best as a stretch drive addition who we let walk this winter?

  11. Escobar is on a one-year contract for $3.9M. This is his sixth full year in the majors, so he should be a free agent after the season.

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