Amazing Mess

On Opening Day, the New York Mets had ten players on their payroll due more than $6 million this year:

Mo Vaughn $17,166,667
Mike Piazza $15,571,429
Jeromy Burnitz $12,166,667
Tom Glavine $11,000,000
Al Leiter $8,000,000
Rey Ordonez $6,250,000
Roberto Alomar $7,689,684
Pedro Astacio $7,000,000
Armando Benitez $6,937,500
Cliff Floyd $6,500,000

That is a frightening list. $12 million for Jeromy Burnitz? $6 million for St. Rey of Ordonez, who wasn’t even on the team anymore? $17 million for Mo Vaughn? Were they paying by the pound?
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