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I was going to link to at least one weblog or fanpage for the other team in every series. But I forgot.

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3 thoughts on “Reds weblog”

  1. I am SO looking forward to this series. My oldest brother is a dyed-in-the-wool Reds fan. He came by it honestly, growing up in Kentucky in the early 70s. I came by my love of the Braves honestly, growing up in Alabama in the late 70’s (after he’d left for college). I can’t wait for there to be a major butt-whoopin’. And although I hope it’s the Braves who get to administer it, I can’t feel too badly if the Reds do the job. It’s my brother’s team, ya know? Kinda like, having been stuck in South Florida since 1989, I can’t help but root for the pathetic Marlins. If they beat my team, well, it’s okay. Except in 1997, around playoff time. Grrr. But once they made it to the series, no one was happier than me that the Fish beat the Tribe.

    My point? I’m sorry. I didn’t bring one today. Haha!

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