Atlanta 4, St. Louis 2 – MLB – Recap – Cardinals at Braves – 04/23/2003 <SARCASM>What is wrong with Greg Maddux? Sure, he threw seven shutout innings before being lifted. What, he couldn’t throw a complete game? What a has-been! And he allowed three hits, for God’s sake. He’s obviously hanging by a thread. And sure, he didn’t walk … Continue reading “Atlanta 4, St. Louis 2”

Atlanta 5, St. Louis 3 – MLB – Recap – Cardinals at Braves – 04/22/2003 Maybe Gary Sheffield really does play better when he’s unhappy. He doubled home two runs in the third, later scored, and then had a solo homer. He’s hitting .347/.440/.653 for the season. Every Brave regular reached base in some fashion; the Braves had only … Continue reading “Atlanta 5, St. Louis 3”