Well, well, well

NY Daily News – Business – Ted to bid for AOL pro teams

This seems to be the same group as reported before, but now with Ted rather than Bill Bartholomay in charge.

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4 thoughts on “Well, well, well”

  1. Any chance the old-guard owners (Selig, Reinsdorf) vote Ted down because of his previous shenanigans? With the O’Malleys no longer owning the Dodgers he’s got a better chance, but owner grudges last a long time. Just ask Charlie Finley (if you can speak to the dead, that is)…

  2. forget the old guard owners, Turner’s main nemesis in the world is Rupert Murdoch, whose corporation owns the Dodgers… (Or did they get sold, finally?)


  3. No the Dodgers haven’t quite been sold yet. FOX! is in the last stages of running the franchise into the ground and will probably unload the team soon. Probably right after they pocket the money for renaming Dodger Staduim Cellular.com Field or some other such fool thing. No one in this area ever thought that Disney would actually be the preferred ownership group in town, but after watching FOX!’s work with the Dodgers, Disney suddenly doens’t look so bad. Too bad they are selling too.

    Sorry forgot this was a Braves board for a second.

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