Bored now

AP Wire | 03/25/2003 | Tigers 3, Braves 3, tie, 10 innings

Do we really need this much spring training? Wasn’t everyone sufficiently ready two weeks ago?

Chris Spurling gave up a run in the ninth, then after the game was told he was in the wrong clubhouse. The Braves sent him to the Tigers for a minor league pitcher, Matt Coenen, clearing spaces on the 25-man and 40-man rosters. Perhaps coincidentally, Steve Avery, who was with the Tigers, was reassigned to minor league camp after the game. I find it hard to believe he’ll spend another year in AAA at his age.

One thought on “Bored now”

  1. I like the Spurling/Coenen trade. It really didn’t seem like Spurling was going to make the team and Coenen seems like a fair pitching prospect. (If that’s not too contradictory a phrase…)

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