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  1. I do not believe has to go on the 40-man roster. He was not on there before being drafted and I don’t think that has to change if he is returned. He passed through waivers to get back to the Braves, so I figure they can re-assign him back to Richmond if they so pleased.

  2. If you are referring to the 40-man roster issue with several non-roster guys getting ready to make it, here’s what I think will happen (realistically):

    25-man roster:
    C Javy Lopez, Henry Blanco
    1B Robert Fick, Matt Franco, Julio Franco
    2B Marcus Giles
    SS Rafael Furcal, Mark DeRosa
    3B Vinny Castilla
    LF Chipper Jones
    CF Andruw Jones
    RF Gary Sheffield, Darren Bragg
    SP Maddux, Hampton, Ortiz, Ramirez, Marquis
    RP Pratt, Dawley, Gryboski, Holmes, King, Hernandez, Smoltz

    DL Byrd

    C Johnny Estrada
    1B Adam LaRoche
    2B Nick Green
    SS Wilson Betemit
    OF Ryan Langerhans
    OF Cory Aldridge
    RHP Matt Belisle
    LHP Jung Bong
    RHP John Ennis
    RHP Brett Evert
    RHP Trey Hodges
    LHP Chris Waters
    LHP Mike Venafro

    That’s only 39…but I think the Braves will leave a spot free, just in case.

    To clear those spots, I think you will see this:

    IFs Jesse Garcia, Mike Hessman, and RHP Billy Sylvester will be designated for assignment. Out of those I think Hessman and Sylvester will be claimed.

    RHP Chris Spurling will be returned to the Pirates.

  3. I suspected as much for Spurling; the numbers just don’t fit. And I’d heard they were shopping Sylvester. I’m suprised that the Braves would give up on Hessman so easily, though, considering they spent eight years shouting that Wes Helms was a major league-caliber corner infielder and Hessman is a similar-but-better player.

    I thought Garcia was on the Richmond roster?

  4. Garcia… yeah he is on Richmond’s roster. He spends so much time on both rosters I think that Schuerholz should ask the league to start a one man taxi roster for players like Jesse Garcia, hehe.

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