Braves 3, Tech 3–False Start! Braves Tie Jackets…

If you’re new to Braves Journal, just a little note… When the season starts, I intend to recap every game. I won’t normally do a game story (instead, I’ll link to someone else’s, the one here at Braves Beat if it’s up) but will try to find some other points to look at. It varies by what my mood is (losses tend to get much shorter recaps than wins) but I hope at least it’s interesting.

I don’t recap spring training games, though.

5 thoughts on “Braves 3, Tech 3”

  1. Off subject but here goes…Jayson Stark listed the interleague matchups for the NL East in today’s column. Here’s the two that jumped out at me:

    Phillies: Seattle, Oakland, Boston, at Anaheim, at Baltimore and an “extra” series at Cincinnati.

    Braves: Baltimore, Texas, at Oakland, at Seattle, at Tampa Bay and an “extra” series vs. Pittsburgh.

    Both teams play Seattle, Oakland & Baltimore. But, the Phillies other three series are Boston, Anaheim & Cincinnati, while the Braves other 3 are Texas, Tampa Bay & Pittsburgh. I don’t know if those 9 games will make a difference, but they might, and it’s interesting that the schedule makers tilted it so heavily towards the Braves, coincidence or not.

  2. Nice observation, David. Another reason to suspect that the crazy unbalanced, interleague schedule leads to unaccounted-for outcomes. If Phils-Red Sox is the same week as Braves-DRays, I wonder if the national baseball press will care.

  3. I saw that David, and thought the same thing. What happened to Atlanta’s “permanent” rivalry with Boston, though? I’m not really complaining (especially now that the Braves will get some cheap wins over the O’s and D-Rays), but I always enjoyed that matchup.

  4. shite we gotta play the Orioles? ever since we started interleague they have been kicking our ass. and im not being sarcastic, though i kinda wish i was. actually I dont ever remember us being super strong in interleague play at all. i maybe wrong though, too lazy to look it up. someone else will, im sure.

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