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On to the first basemen. I’m assuming Fick is the starting first baseman, at least in a platoon role, but that could change. He came up as a catcher, and was mostly an outfielder last year.

Fick is a lefthanded hitter, and a converted catcher as indicated above. He came through the Tigers organization as their catching hope, but at some stage they decided he couldn’t catch and started jerking him around. He didn’t really hit much in the majors until 2001, when he went .272/.339/.476. His numbers from last year aren’t quite as good (.270/.331/.433) but that comes with a caveat. He was the Tigers’ token All-Star, hitting .290 with 11 homers in the first half. But he slumped badly in July and August (actually, the slump began before the break) while nursing a shoulder injury. He had surgery to repair a torn labrum in his non-throwing shoulder in October.

The Tigers are a bad organization, the sort of organization that does those sorts of things — move players all over the place, ask them to learn on the job in the majors, make them play through injuries for no gain to the team. And then take it out on the player; they non-tendered Fick, allowing the Braves to sign him as a free agent. I’m fairly confident that if Fick is healthy he will be a productive player at first base, an .850 OPS type, and he could surprise.

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  1. I agree it was dirty playing. This sets an example for the youth who look up to these players? He should be ashamed of himself if he has any shame. I agree he should be fined. He is 20 and acts like that, it is such poor sportsmanship.

  2. Gee, Fick. It’s great to know that the Braves have a dirty player on the team. And to go along with being a dirty player, you screw up defensively and just plain suck offensively in the biggest series of your life? You slumped the last half of the season, but I could live with it. Every player goes through slumps. But you? You totally sucked in the playoffs, then played dirty and almost injured Eric Karros. Thanks a lot for everything you’ve done… Wait a minute, what did you do again? I just saw that you got fined for your little cheap shot. Good. I’m glad they fined you. I hope the team releases you, too. Thanks for nothing, Fick. You didn’t help the team when they needed it most. Have a good winter.

  3. From a Cubs fan:
    I have never been so pissed watching a baseball game in my life as when Fick the little prick pulled that crap on Karros. Fick did you watch the White Sox game where those idiots ran on the field to beat on an ump. What do you think the good people of Chicago are going to do to you when you come back. Thanks Hotlanta for having an ugly, albino looking, error making, cheap shot taking, 10 year old to destroy yet another playoff run. See ya in 04.

  4. John is just complete Lazy Cecelian. Fick is one of the most couragous men whow ever wore a braves uniform. He is also huge in the pants. I should know I am openly gay.

  5. At least Fick is trying to get on base. They’re supposed to be trying to win, not be everybody’s best friend. There is no difference between Fick hitting Karros than when Sheffield knocks the crap out of some 125lb. shortstop when trying to break up the double play or when a catcher gets run over during a play at the plate. Are first basemen supposed to be immune from the rough play of a baseball game? Watching Fick do that beats the hell out of Chipper and Andruw jogging to first when they hit anything other than a base hit. The Braves need more players with Fick’s heart and attitude not like Chipper, Andruw and Maddux who go through the motions. Another post season and no World Series appearance from the Braves, it’s more than Fick’s fault, it’s Schurholtz/Bobby Cox’s fault. These guys aren’t supposed to be role models, they are supposed to be ball players. It would help if they were WINNING ball players.

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