5 thoughts on “Galarraga signs deal with Giants”

  1. In case there was even a little bit of doubt left that 400 home runs doesn’t mean what it used to, The Big Cat hitting his 400th should settle the issue.

    Dale Murphy didn’t make 400 but Galarraga will. My how the game has changed.

  2. Galarraga did knock his career slugging percentage below .500 last year. I don’t think he will get 400 homers. He only hit nine last season in half-time play, and he wouldn’t get that many ABs for the Giants unless JT Snow and Damon Minor kill themselves in a hara-kiri love pact.

    I don’t link Drudge, because (a) he makes things up, and (b) he doesn’t provide permalinks. But I saw the story. My working theory is that Ted would exchange his absence and some stock for the Braves, Hawks, and either TBS or TS, then sell the Hawks for operating capital.

  3. I agree with you on Drudge, Mac, but this has me really excited. I’ve hated the ownership situation since he first sold Turner Broadcasting to TW and feel like this could be just the thing to rejuevenate the franchise. A

    s to his current wealth and ability to shower largess on the team: He has a 4% stake in the company. The company is currently valued at 62.4 billion (both these figures are from today’s NYTimes), so his share of the company is today worth about 2.5 billion. A great deal less than he was worth a couple of years ago, but more than enough to spend with the Steinbrenners and Henrys of the world should he so choose.

    Please come home Ted, your team needs you.

  4. I don’t think Ted would want to dip into too much of that net worth, though. The TW part of the company is still really worth a lot of money, far more than its market cap. AOL’s dragging it down.

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