4 thoughts on “An old friend”

  1. Apparently Ted Turner has resigned from AOL Time Warner. Wonder if that will have any effect on the Braves, and if so, what that effect will be. I would love it if he just bought the team back and handed down big-spending decisions from his cattle ranch.

  2. Probably very unlikely. A recent article I read had Turner saying he had lost at least 2/3 of his wealth. Granted he’s still worth a lot, but with the pummeling AOL stock is going to take in the coming week or two, Ted probably doesn’t have the financial reasources to buy the Braves back, at least not by himself. And seeing as the Braves are the least of AOL Time Warner’s problems right now, I don’t see many immediate effects on the team (other than a new payroll of $2, effective tomorrow).

  3. I’ve thought that AOL might give Ted TBS and the sports teams just to get him to go away. But he seems willing to go away anyway.

    If they’d just dump AOL and stick with the TW stuff, the company’d be okay.

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