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Good-bye, Kerry. Why the Braves decided to non-tender him is beyond me. Maybe they’re still worried about his arm.

Never fear! The Braves signed Ryan Glynn to a minor-league contract! Of course, Glynn has a 6.42 career ERA with the mighty Rangers’ pitching staff and didn’t pitch in the majors at all last year. Why in the world are the Braves signing pitchers from the Rangers? Hitters, I could see.

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  1. I’m going to miss Kerry’s killer sideburns. I actually grew some like that one time to show a little team spirit. The Orioles are excited about getting Kerry because he “knows what winning is all about”. I love comments like that. As if every guy on the Orioles only knows how to lose and they can’t wait for Kerry to come over and spill his guts.

  2. Kerry’s contract is for $1m in ’03 and a $200k buyout of the club’s ’04 option year.

    The Braves addition of Mike Venafro will cost $500k this year.

    Hey, half a million bucks isn’t pocket change, even in MLB. But for that money, we go from a career 3.04 ERA to a 4.64 ERA. Ouch.

  3. This loss could be a big one for the Braves. I hear he was a great clubhouse guy as well. Did you all read the ESPN article on the top 10 OF in baseball? Ranking St Louis ahead of the braves is hard to believe..

  4. Phil Rogers is dumber than both of them…

    Not counting the insiders and analysts (Gammons, Neyer, the Prospectus guys), though, who are the best “beat-writer” type baseball reporters on the ‘Net? I’d say Kurkjian, Sean McAdam and Jayson Stark top a very short list of guys who I can read every time and not yakk. I know Gammons focuses too much on personalities, but at least he has good information most of the time.

  5. In other news, Maddux is asking for $16m, the team has countered with $13.5m. And Millwood signed with the Philes for – holy smokes – $9.9m. Much higher than I’d have thought, but then so is the $1.55m Damian Moss will be getting next year.

  6. Hey, I’ve got one good thing about Kerry signing with the Orioles – he shouldn’t be hard to trade for midyear. I mean, we no longer have Fernanado Lunar to give Baltimore, but I hear this Estrada guy, well, he good be the *real deal* (You listining, Mr. Angelos?)

    In other news, who here is utterly shocked and disapointed that we chose to pay 1.3 million to Henry Blanco, who for all his defensive skills hit only .204 (!) last year, yet didn’t sign Kerry Lightenberg for the cool million he was asking for?

  7. Schuerholz obviously believes Leo and Bobby when they say they can make a good bullpen out of Smoltz + anybody. Having the Greatest Living Pitching Coach(TM) is an incredible luxury for a team to have.

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