Braves looking for bullpen help

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As long as they don’t go looking for expensive mediocrities, okay. The story doesn’t mention Kerry Ligtenberg. Did something happen to him?

4 thoughts on “Braves looking for bullpen help”

  1. I mentioned this in another thread, but I think Ligtenberg is about the most unappreciated reliever in the game. Career adjusted ERA+ of 142, I believe. Pitches well year after year. With Spooneybarger gone, they need to re-sign him to close when they have to put Smoltz in the rotation to replace Paul Byrd or Mike Hampton.

  2. I just keep waiting for the season that Leo’s magic touch with has beens and never have beens will wear off. He seems to have a knack for positioning guys in the pen to be successful in a specific role. This season has the makings of a real adventure.

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