It’s the Mets call now | Braves | Glavine counters with 4 years, $45 million

The Braves aren’t going to go higher than three years, and I don’t think the Phillies will either. The Red Sox seem to be on the sidelines. But the Mets are desperate and might bite.

In further news, the Braves are supposedly talking to Team Evil about Nick Johnson. Johnson was a hot prospect a few years ago who injured his wrist and really hasn’t made it all the way back. Last year he was the Yankees’ regular DH but didn’t hit particularly well, .243/.347/.402. He doesn’t like “playing” DH and would rather be a first baseman. If he can hit .300 and keep the walks, he’d be a good pickup. Johnson is supposedly the key player in a Yankee attempt to trade for Bartolo Colon.

The Braves are still talking to the three relievers. The suspicion is that they will re-sign Hammond and Holmes but that Remlinger will leave, likely for the Cubs.

5 thoughts on “It’s the Mets call now”

  1. I seem to recall Johnson having a good rep with the glove coming up in the minors. Also, a fair amount of his OBP comes from HBP if I recall correctly. Somethig to keep in mind.

  2. Yeah, you’re right about the HBP. He does have a good walk rate, maybe one every eight AB, but he gets hit a lot. If he’s going to do that, he better make sure it isn’t on the hands anymore.

  3. Wrist injuries often take 2 years or longer to heal. Johnson would be a great pickup if he can make it back.

  4. Johnson didn’t get hurt being hit by a pitch. He injured the soft tissue in his wrist swinging the bat.

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