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One thing I am going to do, eventually, is restart the Bullpen section of the website. My intent is that this will be for longer pieces and things that might not be Braves-related. The other is maybe a more traditional weblog, kind of like Baseball Primer’s Clutch Hits, with links to any Braves-oriented news, commentary, etc. that someone might find.

Since I keep seeing some great stuff in the comments section, I just wanted to know if anyone would be interested in contributing? This Movable Type stuff is pretty easy for me to set up more users and you wouldn’t have to install anything on your computer — it’s a cgi script on the server.

2 thoughts on “Call for submissions”

  1. I’m not exactly sure where you would be going with it, but I’d welcome more input from some of your readers, myself included. I’ve been VERY impressed with the signal to noise ratio here both from Mac and all the regulars.

    Off topic warning: Tyler Watts can’t throw a ball across his dorm room. Mac, can you tell me why Dennis Frenchtoast didn’t let Beard and Williams run the ball down the collective throats of the Plainsmen and instead tried to outmanuever them?

  2. Dan, I have no idea. I was screaming at the TV (amid bouts of changing the channel out of disgust) to stop with the passing. Auburn couldn’t consistently stop the run and the passes they were allowing were the types Watts can’t throw. Franchione’s done a great job all year, but for some reason he and the offensive coaches forgot the running game Saturday. When they did run, it was usually the option and Auburn was keyed on that. That draw play that killed LSU — I think they ran that twice. I don’t think Ray Hudson played a snap on offense, and Beard was a nonfactor except for the first drive and the TD drive — the two times they moved the ball the best. Twice they dumped the ball off to Williams on fourth down and he never got close to the sticks.

    If you (or any other regulars) want in, it should be easy. (I’ve already converted the Bullpen site to MT.) Send me an email (with desired ID and password) at and I’ll set you up.

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