Fredi Gonzalez, too

Rapid City Journal: Indians to Interview Skinner

Not much Braves news — there never is much news during the Series, MLB frowns upon teams drawing attention away from the Fall Classic — but there is this. Fredi Gonzalez, the manager of the Richmond Braves, is interviewing for the Cleveland Indians’ major league job. I think he’s a longshot. He’s also interviewed for the Cubs’ job. Seems that a lot of Braves personnel are interviewing elsewhere this offseason.

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One thought on “Fredi Gonzalez, too”

  1. Fredi is a great coach and a wonderful father. I have known Fredi for about 3 years and have lost track of him. Our kids played softball together in Miami. If you see this Fredi, Call us. 863-687-6121

    Joe, Julie, Katrina and Jo – Jo

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