– MLB – Recap – MLB – Recap – Braves at Giants – 10/06/2002 Well, the Braves couldn’t surmount the Giants’ insurmountable lead. Big surprise, and the final score was 8-3. If there were any assurance he’d ever pitch for the Braves again, I’d be worried about Glavine. As it is, the Braves will have to win tomorrow … Continue reading “ – MLB – Recap”

The Bullpen I’ve set up

The Bullpen I’ve set up a new page for baseball things that didn’t fit on this one. It’s the Bullpen, and starts off with a little essay about the two recently concluded Division Series. No comments yet; I’ll set those up eventually. The idea here is that I’ll have some longer pieces, maybe about the … Continue reading “The Bullpen I’ve set up”