While comments were down, Bamadan

While comments were down, Bamadan and I exchanged some emails. I thought they were worth reposting here, so they follow… Bamadan: It seems that the ‘blog feature on bravesjournal is down. I had a few comments already typed for the 7/2 posting so what the heck … 1. Giles, if physically and mentally healthy, should … Continue reading “While comments were down, Bamadan”

ESPN.com: MLB – Yankees get

ESPN.com: MLB – Yankees get OF help, deal for Jays’ Mondesi I don’t normally post about non-Braves matters here; I did it on my old site sporadically, but this is Braves Journal after all. I intend to eventually set up a subdomain for non-Braves writings but I haven’t. But I wanted to comment on the … Continue reading “ESPN.com: MLB – Yankees get”

ESPN.com – MLB – Recap

ESPN.com – MLB – Recap – Expos at Braves – 07/01/2002 By the third inning of last night’s game, the Braves trailed 4-1, Tom Glavine had had to leave the game after giving up those four runs because his blister was acting up, and normally you’d be thinking, “Well, let’s get them tomorrow.” But for … Continue reading “ESPN.com – MLB – Recap”