– MLB – Recap – MLB – Recap – Braves at Mets – 06/25/2002

Have I mentioned that Albie Lopez stinks? Albie gave up seven runs, all earned, didn’t get an out in the fifth inning, and pretty much single-handedly lost to the Mets, 7-4. Steve Trachsel did start off with five perfect innings for the Mets, but the Braves obviously rallied; if they’d gotten any sort of starting pitching they probably would have won. Albie’s carefully nursed ERA skyrocketed to 5.01 and he’s been exposed for the no-hoper he is. We traded George Lombard to keep this?

Javy Lopez hit a home run to break up the perfect game and continue his hot hitting. Chipper had back spasms and didn’t start, though he was able to pinch-hit… The Marlins and Expos both lost. The Braves lead Montreal by six and Florida and New York by seven and a half.

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