Braves Who Could Benefit From This Wacky 2020

Baseball is back!

The road wasn’t a smooth one – the players and owners never actually reached a negotiated agreement – but that’s a story for another day. Today, baseball will be back in our living rooms in a matter … Finish Reading

Braves MLB Free Agent Signings Under Alex Anthopoulos

Courtesy of @SlmSolo via Twiter

When Alex Anthopoulos took over as GM for the Braves on November 13, 2017, he treaded very lightly in terms of signings and trades due to the logistical mess left by John Coppolella. In fact, … Finish Reading

The Braves Rebuild: Outgoing vs. Incoming Value, Part 7: 2017-18 Offseason

The final chapter, The Braves Rebuild: 2017 Offseason, likely came a little early for Braves fans at the time, as most thought the Braves would have one more season in the rebuild before climbing out of the gutter. However, the … Finish Reading