Blue Jays 5, Braves 4, Zuckerberg $

So in 1966 most of the games were on Facebook, but there was only one computer powerful enough to receive it, an Al Gore homebrew deal, and he was really short of friends back then. So if you wanted to know about the Braves’ 72nd and 73rd game, you had to toddle down to Atlanta … Continue reading “Blue Jays 5, Braves 4, Zuckerberg $”

Braves 11, Jays 4

Apparently the Blue Jays’ pitching meeting before last night’s game ended something like this: “…and that’s how you retire Freddie Freeman.” “But coach, what about the other six guys after him?” “Oh. We have no plan for them. Just groove ’em fastballs and see what happens.” “‘Kay.” Seriously. I was going to go through and … Continue reading “Braves 11, Jays 4”