That looks good

I’m not saying Hampton — I’m still not sure this is the best idea. But someone who isn’t Albie Lopez wearing #32 for the Braves? That’s wonderful.

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6 thoughts on “That looks good”

  1. That looks excellent! Although just about anything other than Albie Lopez (aka Biggest waste of space in team history) looks good at this point!

  2. Albie will be at home laughing his ass off as the Braves discover that they just commited to 6 years/$48m worth of Albie-level pitching.

  3. Ooo, ouch, hot dog meat. Good one, Mac. Hey, at least he’s not a cheap hot dog. Turner Field hot dogs are like $3 I think. And Albie shouldn’t be a cheap hot dog -after all, he’s got “electric stuff”. Any time any announcer speaks about Albie Lopez, he always mentions that former teammate Curt Schilling once said, “Albie Lopez has electric stuff…if he can ever find out a way to control it, look out blah blah blah.. his stuff is electric..blah blah”. Hot dog meat.

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