– MLB – Recap – MLB – Recap – Braves at Padres – 08/20/2002

The Braves lost 6-2, as they seem to most of the time the last week or so. Ron Gant — of all peoplle! — hit two home runs for the Padres, including a first-inning two-run homer that made it 3-0 and might as well have ended the game right there. I believe Ron is still angry. Damian Moss just didn’t have it last night, and the defense didn’t help. He gave up all six runs — three of them unearned.

Offensively, the Braves had seven hits, two walks, and left a number of baserunners on early. Late, they couldn’t do anything to Brett Tomko, who pitched a complete game. They’re just not playing very well offensively or defensively right now, and I think they’ve lost their concentration for whatever reason.

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